You can get all your Health Foods from OrderEatRepeat at Fit Pit. Jaco & Kyle are there to serve you the best Health-Fusion-Everyday Food. We have been operating out of the Fit Pit Gym since March 2019 and It has and still is a great privilege to cook for such a diverse client base.


Our goal is to prepare your Healthy Meals with everyday amazing Flavors of the World!
We cater for your every eating need, whether you are a Vegetarian, Vegan, have special Dietary Requirements or just love Good Food.

Meal Preps

Our kitchen is open for Walk-Ins anytime. However, we also offer the unique service of

Meal Preps!

Our Meal Preps are your chance to get the meal you want, as often as you want it, based on your eating or fitness goals.
In discussion with our trained Dietitian, we decide on your menu specifically catered for your needs. You can choose a Weekly or Monthly Menu, with as many or little servings required.

This is your chance to start your your Health Plan - With the food you love.

Vegan & Vegetarian Foods

OrderEatRepeat has a great selection of both Vegetarian & Vegan options to choose from. 

Do you have Specific Orders, Demands or Requirements? No problem at all. We are always willing to make our customers happy by going the extra mile!

Let us know your Do's & Don'ts and we'll make sure it is ready for you.


OrderEatRepeat is currently running a fantastic promotion:

Order your Monthly Meal Prep* and get 10% discount!

 * Minimum of 4 meals per week, pay the 1st of the month.

Trading Hours

Kitchen Trading Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 19:00

Friday: 09:00 - 15:00

Meal Preps:

Monday - Friday

Menu - Chicken Dishes

Chicken Breast:

  - 100g Chicken Breast, 50g Veg, 50g Starch                               - R40.00

  - 200g Chicken Breast, 100g Veg, 100g Starch                           - R60.00

Chicken Kebabs:

  - 200g Chicken Kebabs, 100g Veg, 100g Starch                          - R70.00

Chicken Noodles:

  - 200g Chicken Strips, 150g Noodles, 100g Veg                         - R70.00

Menu - Rump Dishes

Rump Steak:

  - 200g Rump Steak, 100g Veg, 100g Starch                               - R85.00

Rump Kebabs:

  - 300g Rump Kebabs, 100g Veg, 100g Starch                            - R98.00

Rump wrapped in Cabbage:

  - 200g Rump Steak, 100g Veg, 100g Starch                               - R95.00

Menu - Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes

Veggie Stir-Fri:

  - Brinjal, Cabbage, Carrots, Peppers, Noodles                           - R50.00


  - Brinjal / Potato dish with Tomato, White Sauce, Garlic             - R65.00

Veggie Wrap:

  - Brinjal, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Peppers, Carrots, Pico de Gallo - R65.00

Falafel Wrap:

  - Cabbage, Cheak Peas, Avo's, Pico de Gallo                              - R80.00

Order Now

Contact Jaco or Kyle directly to order your food:

Email:    OrderEatRepeatJaco@gmail.com

Phone:   064 602 5034


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